Digital Signage

A dynamically evolving, complex content delivery system for our digitalised future, optimised for monitors and displays. Our info-communication solution which can be extended to any number of endpoints and is updated continuously and online, enables the transmission and display of audio-visual content, either as advertisements or in the form of public interest information, without any territorial restrictions. Our content delivery system is able to manage centralised marketing campaigns easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The digital signage system can change the information displayed on all installed displays at the touch of a button, or even display different content on a timed basis. Our digital system can run on displays, projection surfaces or even information terminals.
Video walls

Our customisable video walls built from special displays provide a professional solution for displaying audio-visual content on large surfaces. By optimising the number, size and brightness of the displays for the specific location, the content displayed on the video walls provides a stunning visual experience. Our digital signage and interactive solutions can also be integrated into the system to create a functionally complex visual technology system that provides an outstanding customer experience. Our references also include video wall systems displaying the system processes of control rooms, as well as other digital surfaces for displaying any decorative or informational content.

Projection technology

Our projection technology solutions are optimised audio-visual systems that are individually designed and implemented – including projectors, screens, audio technology and central control devices, as well as other special integrated accessories. They provide effective support for corporate meetings, presentations, training and indoor events, turning them into experiences. Technological advances mean projectors with a laser light source are now available, which means replacing expensive lamps and reducing brightness are no longer a problem.
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